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World’s Finest Cookware

worlds finest cookwareWorld’s Finest cookware is a waterless cookware set that’s constructed from both heavy-gauge 7-ply surgical stainless steel and carbon steel. The sets are guaranteed to last for life, and customers have raved about their weight and durability in the kitchen. You can use World’s Finest cookware on any cooking surface – even for gas or induction cooking! This is due to the carbon steel that’s nestled within the core of the stainless steel pieces. The 7-ply construction also distributes heat evenly and lightning fast when you cook. The steam control valves eliminate the need to add extra water or oil to the items you cook.

In order to use the steam control valve on your cookware, you must begin cooking with medium heat. Never use high heat with this cookware. When you hear the value whistle, you should close it and turn the heat to low to finish your cooking. The handles are made of phenolic material that is resistant to heat and cold. World’s Finest cookware sets include covered saucepans, a double boiler, a stovetop roaster, egg poaching cups, and many other accessories. Some customers have reported that the knobs do not match the quality of the cookware, but this is an aesthetic issue as opposed to a usability problem.