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What Kind of Cook are You?

 Just like there are different kinds of people, there are also different cooking styles. We’ve compiled a guide that’s identified four different categories of cooks – odds are you fall into one of them. Each category has a few types of cookware that could work for    your style, and this guide will help you decide which cooking material you might like before you begin shopping.

The Nervous Cook

 If you view cooking as a chore, and you avoid your kitchen like the plague, then you are a nervous cook. You want to get in and out, so you generally pop whatever dish you’ve whipped up into the oven and that’s that. You need cookware that lets you cook fast and clean up even faster. The less time you must spend in the kitchen, the better.

If this sounds like you, make sure to look for the following features and materials when choosing your cookware set:

• First and foremost, the cookware should be dishwasher-safe

• Look for a nonstick cookware set – this kind holds up best in the dishwasher

• Stainless steel or nonstick cookware is also easier to clean, and in most cases, both materials are dishwasher safe as well. There are a few anodized aluminum, glass, and ceramic cookware sets that can also be washed this way – just make sure to check before you buy

The Daily Cook

 If you’re a daily cook, then you cook just about every day. You don’t necessarily mind cooking, but you don’ take extreme pleasure in the activity, either. I’s just something you must do in order to keep the household running smoothly, so you don’t sweat it. If you have extra time, or if it’s a special occasion, you’ve been known to put together a fancy meal for your loved ones – and sometimes, you even enjoy making it (but don’t tell anyone).

If you’re a daily cook, then check out these materials and features when looking for the perfect cookware:

• You should look for nonstick cookware that’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

• You may also consider stainless steel because it cleans up relatively easily after bigger meals

• Anodized aluminum cookware is sturdy enough to last for years with daily use

• For those special occasions, copper, clad, or cast-iron cookware is a great choice. You can store or display the set, and you can use it for the holidays or for company

The Executive Chef

 The executive chef is someone who treats cooking as a profession. A true foodie at heart, this avid epicurean delights in trying new recipes, spending hours in the kitchen, and making sure each dish produced is a complete work of art. This kind of person loves watching food cook and tasting things throughout the process.

The executive chef is best suited to the following features and materials:
• Copper cookware ensures superior distribution of heat

• Stainless steel cookware for greater control over temperature of meats

• Ceramic or glass cookware for finicky sauces and glazes

The “Eco” Cook

If you are an environmentally conscious individual, then you are probably a green cook. You favor organic ingredients, and you love to cook with locally grown produce without any artificial favors or hazardous chemicals. You want your cookware to be as pure as the foods you cook.
If you’re a green cook, then you should pay attention to these features and materials:
• Cookware that is advertised to be eco-friendly

• Cookware that doesn’t transfer elements that metal cookware does

• Sturdy enameled cast iron that doesn’t mix with foods

• High-quality pure stainless steel cookware

• Stainless steel without any materials added to it.