Viking Cookware Sets Reviews

Viking Range is a kitchenware company that was founded to manufacture stainless steel range equipment for the home that would rival the ranges found in commercial kitchens. The company branched out into designing kitchenware and cookware sets after enjoying tremendous success with their flagship endeavor. The majority of their products are proudly made in the United States by way of Greenwood, Mississippi. The company consistently produces only the highest quality products, and they credit their creations as resulting from their carefully nurtured close-knit company culture.

If you are picky about both the performance and the look of your cookware, Viking Range has you covered. Viking manufactures its line of professional cookware sets using a patented multi-ply construction. This means that the pieces are uniquely designed with a killer combination of aluminum alloys and stainless steel that provide performance for life and unparalleled durability. Plus, Viking Range cookware makes cleanup a breeze.

Some customers have noticed that the skillets in Viking Range cookware sets are non-stick. Most people like this feature, but some would rather have a pan with a standard surface for more control over searing meats. This is not a complaint so much as personal preference.

 My Review of the Viking VSC1013 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Viking Cookware


You want your cookware to perform, but you don’t want it to burn your hands in the process. I know I sure didn’t, so I really appreciated the domed lids that minimized dripping and the high-clearance handles designed for safety…


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