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Unity by Regal Ware Cookware

unity by regal cookwareUnity by Regal Ware cookware is a line that finally matches the material of the product to the type of cooking you’re doing in the kitchen. Regal Ware has cast aside the traditional methodology for cookware creation, whereby the same materials are used time and again for the same pieces. Unity by Regal Ware is different – the company chooses the right material for each piece of cookware it creates.
The stainless steel Unity by Regal Ware cookware features stainless steel sauté pans and frying pans with encapsulated aluminum discs that are sturdily impact-bonded to the bases, and this provides exceptionally even heat, no matter what you’re cooking. Your hands will stay cool as you use then pans thanks to the heat-resistant stainless steel handles, and they’re permanently affixed to the cookware to ensure maximum safety while you cook. Other pans in the set are cast iron to hold in heat and cook each meal thoroughly before service. Each piece also includes a stainless steel lid with rivets so that you can trap moisture and heat into each dish you prepare. Make sure you are adept at cooking with stainless steel before buying a Unity by Regal Ware set.