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T-fal cookware Reviews

T-FAL CookwareT-fal cookware is the original inventor of nonstick cookware as we know it today. The company leads the world not only in cookware innovation, but also in small kitchen equipment. From steamers to toasters, deep fryers to pressure cookers, T-fal has something for every home chef. In 1954, T-fal pioneered the creation of nonstick cookware, beginning with the first nonstick frying pan. From there, T-fal created a range of nonstick cookware, and each piece the company created made cooking at home that much easier for customers.

T-fal’s reputation as an innovator did not stop there. Over the years, the company continued to manufacture new kitchen creations, pioneering products such as electric kitchen appliances, pressure cookers, scales and irons, as well as food and beverage preparation tools. You can find the T-fal brand in 120 countries, and the company’s primary objective is to make cooking easier and more fun with every product it makes. The cookware is made from high-quality stainless steel, and each piece of the set features a multi-layer base that covers a thick aluminum and copper center for superior heat distribution. The cookware also features stainless steel looped handles for easy hanging kitchen displays. The lids are glass, so although you can see the foods you cook, you must use potholders when lifting the lids from the pots.