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Starfrit USA Cookware Reviews

Starfrit USA has been an established brand name in Canada for quite some time, but in 2009, the company decided to launch its innovative line of cooking products in the USA. Starfrit features a variety of uniquely designed eco-friendly cookware and gadgets for the kitchen, and each item is a fantastic combination of classic ideas with modern fashioning. The products are meant to spark your creativity every time you cook.

If you have issues with kitchen storage, then Starfrit cookware is for you. The sets stack in your cabinets to save you a ton of space, and you can still access each piece with ease. The sets are made from the highest quality stainless steel, and each includes lids, a steamer, a sauté pan, and a stock post, among many other pieces. The eco-friendly cookware sets by Starfrit come outfitted with long bamboo handles that stay cook to the touch, and the nonstick coating is a special combination of chemicals that are not harmful to the environment or your body when you cook foods in the pans. The only real complaint customers have is that the pans are not commercial weight. However, the lightweight pans are great to maneuver through the kitchen, so this is not necessarily a downside at all.