Scanpan Cookware Reviews

scanpan cookwareScanpan cookware is perfect for the hardcore environmentalist. The company produces cookware that is PFOA free, and it has worked tirelessly to find a biodegradable substitute for the material. Once Scanpan unlocked the secret, it began making cookware that truly raised the bar for environmentally friendly cooking products. They feature cookware sets with patented Green Tek technology, which allows them to make their products with a nonstick PTFE compound that is a natural substitute for its harmful predecessor. Scanpan boasts premium cookware sets that combine the pressure-cast aluminum construction of its classis series, but boasts new and improved stainless steel lids and handles.

Every stainless steel piece in a Scanpan cookware set is heavy-gauge material, and it sits completely flat, a quality that allows for unparalleled heat distribution and retention as you cook. This eliminates hotspots and uneven cooking. The ceramic titanium nonstick coating is a finish that holds its own against hard metal cooking utensils. The pans are cast from 18/10 stainless steel, and this allows for stovetop use that stays cool to the touch. The cookware sets also include ergonomic handles that are strengthened by rivets. The sets are oven-safe, and you can cook with them on any cooktop – including induction. Scanpan cookware is a bit pricy – but quality always costs more.