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Pyrex Cookware Sets Reviews

pyrex cookwarePyrex is one of the most well-known cookware companies in the world, and for good reason. It’s been around since 1915, and Pyrex cookware is great for both seasoned chefs and beginners. The first kitchen product Pyrex produced was its innovative glass bakeware, but the company quickly began manufacturing nonstick cookware and aluminum cookware as well.  The reason that the Pyrex brand has such a following is its affordability, durability, and superior resistance to stains and odor. These qualities make Pyrex cookware great for storing leftovers, too.

Today, Pyrex offers up products for the whole kitchen, and this includes pans, metal bakeware, and nonstick cookware, as well as countless tools and gadgets for cooking. Every piece is crafted and tested to that ensure cooking will be a little easier for you. In fact, over 70% of homes in the United States own Pyrex products of some kind. That’s quite an endorsement!
Pyrex cookware features an inventive stand for lids, a spoon rest built onto the handle, and convenient pour spouts are added to help prevent messes while you cook. The aluminum cookware includes cast-in handles wrapped in heat-resistant silicone, and every piece is dishwasher and oven safe.
The only downside to owning Pyrex cookware is that it is only oven safe to about 350 degrees. However, most of the foods that you would cook in these pans don’t require much higher temperatures than that.