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Fissler Original Pro Collection 10-Piece Set Review


Fissler 084 363 06 000 Original Pro Collection 10-Piece SetDo you want professional-grade cookware that you can use at home? Then the Fissler Original Pro Collection 10-piece set is the cookware for you. I got extremely lucky when I received this cookware set as a wedding present. I must say that this was the best present we received hands-down. I would not give up my Fissler set for anything, and I wrote this to help others considering this set.

The Fissler Original Pro Collection 10-Piece Set looks fantastic in my kitchen. It impresses anyone who sees it. It’s not just about style with this Fissler set though – it’s incredibly functional, too. To start out, it is equipped with the Cookstar all-stove base. This means that you can use this set on any stovetop. Whether you have gas, electric, or even an induction range, it’s safe to use these pots and pans. The bases are made with a core of high-quality aluminum, and each piece is wrapped in 18/10 stainless steel. This ensures that the bases of the pans will not separate when faced with extreme temperatures.

Fissler Original Pro Collection 10-Piece Set
  • Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Value / Price


Great Cookware set, owners recommend it but it's pricey.


 What’s included in the set:

7.9” fry pan


3.2 Quart sauté pan with lid


11” fry pan


2.1 Quart sauce pan with lid


2.8 casserole dish


6.7 Quart stew pot with lid

The Base Design

The base design allows for quick and easy heat distribution. This is great for first time cooks who are just beginning to get the feel of cooking. When you use this cookware set, the pots and pans almost cook your for food for you.

The way that Fissler designed the handles is simply fabulous. They stay cool while you’re cooking so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself or using cumbersome oven mitts. They’re welded to the sides of the cookware, so there are no rivets. This means that food won’t become stuck in the handle so they are easier to clean and much more hygienic. They are also a lot larger than most handles, so you can grip them easier and much more comfortably.


The Lids

The lids are tight-fitting, which is fantastic for holding in steam. You only need to use a little bit of water to cook, and for some dishes, you don’t need to use any at all. This depends on the moisture content of the food that you are cooking. The reason for this is a very clever lid design. It’s called “Condensate-Plus”. This function allows the condensation to pool at the center of the lids and to drip down onto the food, which allows your food to stay moist and juicy every time. If you need more moisture for your dishes or you need moisture more quickly, then you can place an ice cube directly onto the lid to accelerate the process very easily.

Another thing that really impressed me about this cookware set was that you can use the pieces in the oven as well as on any stovetop. The have dripless pouring rims that make keeping things clean a lot easier. They also have built in measuring scales, so you can keep up the precision that is pivotal for some of your more finicky recipes. However, in my humble opinion, the best feature is that they are completely dishwasher-safe.

The Fissler Original Pro Collection 10-Piece Set has received high ratings from combined reviews on The longevity of this cookware set is being well praised by those who’ve purchased it. People say that the set works as well years down the line as it did the day they took it out of the box – a huge selling point for me.

There are not really many complaints about the set. Receiving a 5 star rating was proof enough of that for me. One of the only complaints may be the weight of the cookware. Because of the durability and sturdy construction, it can be a little heavy.




Innovative design





X. Weight


I found this set on Amazon for the cheapest price at the time I wrote this review. That’s 20% cheaper than you can find it almost anywhere else, including most of the major department stores I checked out. There were only 6 left in stock at the time of writing this review, so they seem to be going fast. They may or may not be in stock later. Many times, I’ve found that the higher priced items on Amazon will also qualify for their super saving free shipping, so that’s a nice added bonus. The price may seem a little bit expensive, but this set is definitely worth the investment. The pieces last for so many years that they make up for the expense tenfold.

If you would like to read more customer reviews before you buy this set ( CHECK HERE). The customers that purchased this set from the site are quite open about their satisfaction with the products that they buy, and they’re never paid to leave reviews, which means I could count on their honesty before I bought this set.