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Our Enamel Cookware Reviews

EnamelEnamel cookware is made from extremely heavy-duty metals such as cast iron. Once the cookware has been created, it’s coated with enamel. To get a super-smooth coat on the cookware, the enamel is applied as a fine powder of glass that’s fired at extremely high temperatures. There are some major advantages of owning enamel cookware; mainly its unparalleled durability and its handy nonstick surface. It is also fantastic to use in all different types of ovens. Cleanup is a snap since enamel cookware is dishwasher-safe. It also doesn’t react with foods when you cook and it is a pro at distributing heat consistently and evenly through every dish you make.

Some downsides to enamel cookware are that you cannot use metal utensils when you cook with the pieces. They may scratch or otherwise damage your cookware. In addition, when you are cooking on top of ranges that are glass or ceramic, you should exercise greater care because these surfaces can compromise your enamel cookware as well. Keep steel wool and other abrasive cleaning materials away from your enamel cookware – these products are notorious for scratching up the surface of a brand new set.