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My Glass Cookware Reviews

Glass CookwareGlass cookware has recently increased in popularity due to health concerns over the transfer of harmful chemicals through cooking with metal pieces. Many consumers have already made the switch, and there are quite a few advantages to using glass cookware in your kitchen. For example, you can reheat leftovers in the microwave right in the dish. You can also see through the cookware, so you can monitor foods to make sure they’re cooked to the right temperatures. You can also freeze and reheat foods with ease, and you can use your glass cookware as a serving dish, as long as you take care to place the hot dish on a heat-safe surface.

There are also a few disadvantages to using glass cookware. If you don’t monitor foods frequently, the can burn very quickly. They also must be handled very carefully – if you drop a glass pan, it will shatter. Also, you must stir many dishes you cook in glass cookware because heat does not distribute as easily as it would in metal cookware. It’s also very heavy because the glass must be thick enough to handle cooking at high temperatures.