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Professional Magnalite Cookware Reviews

Magnalite cookwareMagnalite cookware has been a favorite in the kitchen since 1934. The brand has been around for decades, so you can trust that it will last a lifetime. Each piece in a Magnalite set has a silky smooth finish, and the company’s aluminum cookware sets are made from only professional-grade hand-cast aluminum. The result? Restaurant-quality weight, airtight cast lids superb for locking in moisture, and super thick bases that are warp-proof to maximize heat conduction. Each pan in a Magnalite cookware set come equipped with a black phenolic handle and knobs on the lid that remain cool when you cook on a stovetop.

Magnalite cookware sets typically come with a saucepan and cover, an open skillet, a casserole and cover, a roaster and cover, and many other pieces. Magnalite cookware also includes lids and vessels that are made from cast aluminum that’s hand-poured for perfect construction. The vessels include thick bases to prevent warping over time. The lids are designed to be heavily domed so moisture doesn’t escape while you cook. The cookware is also oven safe up to 350 F. Take care to order the right replacement pieces if you need them, however. Always check the item number before you call for a new part.