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Your Magma Cookware Reviews

Magma cookware

Magma cookware is designed for cooking on the go. The company offers nestable cookware sets made from nonstick stainless steel, and you can store an entire set of cookware in a mere half foot of cabinet space. The cookware sets are perfect for camping trips, RVs, and long weekends boating on the lake. The founders of Magma got frustrated when the cookware sets they took sailing rusted and ruined after just a few trips to the sea. They wanted to make stainless steel cookware that could weather saltwater environments while still maintaining the quality of the foods they cooked. Thus, 100% marine-grade stainless steel Magma cookware was born.
The cookware is guaranteed not to rust with extended outdoor use. The inside of each piece is coated in a special nonstick coating, which allows you to cook foods without worrying about sticking, and outdoor cleanup is a breeze. Each piece of Magma cookware also comes outfitted with triple-clad bases made from the perfect combination of aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring that heat will distribute evenly on almost any kind of cooktop – even outdoor ranges! When you’re done, simply store your set in its nested design and save space. You should be aware; however, that Magma cookware should never be used on induction cooktops.