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iCook Cookware Reviews

icook cookwareiCook cookware is designed around the concept that no two of us cook in the same way. However, the company also knows that we all cook for many of the same reasons. iCook designs its cookware based on decades of stellar cooking performance, and the company only uses premium materials to craft each piece. The large sets of 22 pieces include items such as a Dutch oven with lid, saucepans and lids, a sauté pan, frying pans, and many other kitchen accessories as well.

There are some major key benefits to cooking with and using the kitchen items included in iCook cookware sets. For instance, the multi-ply construction of the cookware features a carbon-steel core for even distribution of heat, and the inside and outside layers are made of 18/10 surgical stainless steel. The base of each pan is completely encapsulated for maximum conductivity, and the cookware is safe to use on any cooktop – even induction! You can stack iCook cookware in order to save cabinet space, too. It’s also waterless, meaning that you don’t have to add extra water or oil and your food will retain more of its original nutrients. The sets are much larger and include many more items than standard cookware sets, so if you only need the bare minimum, then these sets may not be for you.