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Exclusive Fagor Cookware Reviews

Fagor CookwareFagor cookware is known for outstanding design, superior safety features, and high-tech construction. These critical elements have made Fagor one of the most well-known cookware brands on the market today. The company puts each piece of cookware through rigorous, extensive testing in order to maintain their rigid durability and safety requirements, and their number one goal is to offer all their products with these fantastic features to you at an amazing price.
Fagor’s pressure cooker sets generally include large cooker pots, an interchangeable pressure cooker with a uniquely designed lid made from durable tempered glass, and a steamer basket with a trivet included for maximum support while you steam your meals. You can even use Fagor’s steamer pots as regular pots, so you essentially get two for the price of one when you purchase a set. Each piece is made from the perfect mix of stainless steels, and the cookware works with all heating surfaces, even induction cooking.

The only downside to Fagor cookware sets is that they are not dishwasher safe. However, this is common with high-quality cookware, and the safest way to care for you Fagor cookware is to hand wash each piece.