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Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

cast iron cookwareEnameled cast iron cookware is made from cast iron, but it includes a vitreous enamel glaze on the surface. This coating of enamel prevents the cast iron from rusting, and it effectively removes the need to season the cookware before using it. Certain pigments that manufacturers use during the process of enameling create vibrant colors, so you can match the cookware to any kitchen décor. Although you don’t have to season enameled cast iron as you would regular cast iron cookware, and the cleanup is easier, it’s quite a bit more costly than regular cast iron cookware because of the enameling process required to create it.
You can use enameled cast iron cookware for just about any type of cooking, whether it’s gas, electric, or even induction. When you are using your cookware on your stovetop, make sure to select a burner that is closest to the size of your pan. This encourages even heat distribution and allows you to avoid hot spots. If you use too large a burner, you could potentially cause your enameled cast iron cookware to warp. You should never use the cookware in a microwave oven.