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Cast Iron Cookware Reviews and History

Cast Iron CookwareCast iron cookware has a unique ability to retain heat and evenly disburse it throughout the dishes you cook. It is superior cookware for browning meats such as steak, frying various items, and baking certain foods in the oven. Cast iron cookware has many distinct advantages, the biggest of which is that it is not as expensive as other materials. In addition, once cast iron reaches the right temperature, it is excellent at retaining heat to cook your dishes perfectly. Cast iron cookware is also extremely reliable, and the durability will last for generations, guaranteed.

Cast iron cookware also has a few disadvantages. The primary disadvantage is the cookware’s weight. It’s very heavy, so you must take care when transferring food to and from the cookware when it is very hot. Also, cast iron can react with food and dramatically alter flavors, which is why it’s very important to “season” your cast iron cookware before using it. Most pieces will come with specific instructions for accomplishing this prior to first use, but the process is quite simple. You rub shortening or grease on the skillet and bake it in the over for a specific amount of time, and your cast iron is then seasoned for life.