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BonJour Cookware Reviews


BonJour CookwareBonJour is a cookware company that designs innovative kitchen product for gourmet cooks. The company is famous for its cutting-edge French Press style of coffee makers, infusion teapots, and high-quality bakeware. BonJour has recently expanded into the world of gourmet kitchen products, and their new offerings include carefully crafted, high-performance clad cookware complete with European flair.

The BonJour cookware collection is made of Clad metal, and the inside layer of each piece is handmade from the perfect mixture of 18/10 stainless steel. It’s non-reactive so it never affects the flavor of you dishes. The outside of the cookware is made from magnetized steel, and the material is perfect for induction cooking. BonJour’s unique metal core allows for superior heat conduction due to the thick base of each pan, which directs heat up in an even pattern. The result is superb cookware that heats up in a snap and lasts for a lifetime.

Bonjour’s clad collection is the cookware that chefs use in the world-renowned Eiffel Tower restaurant. With its innovative design and superior performance, it will undoubtedly become your cookware of choice as well. Although the cookware still looks new after years of heavy use, it’s advisable to use polish regularly to keep your set in tip-top shape.