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BergHOFF Cookware Reviews

Berghoff cookwareBergHOFF Worldwide is a leading designer and developer of kitchenware and table accessories. The company creates high-quality designs at the lowest possible price point. BergHOFF has unique product lines in nine different categories, so you can find something for every area of your kitchen. BergHOFF creates its custom pieces by using only the most stringent price-slashing guidelines during every part of the production process, yet the cookware company is able to retain unprecedented quality for the money. A team of staff designers carries out strict testing procedures prior to releasing the cookware, so each piece is perfect for chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike.

BergHOFF sells kitchenware in a variety of categories, including bakeware, cookware sets, and beautiful flatware. Customers report using BergHOFF cookware heavily for years before they see their products begin to wear. The cleanup is also extremely simple, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra time in the kitchen scrubbing pans after making a huge meal for your family. You can also use metal cooking utensils with BergHOFF cookware – they will not damage the surface of the pans. BergHOFF cookware sets also come equipped with an additional handle, which makes it a snap to transfer piping hot food with ease.

BERGHOFF pans can stick, however. This issue seems to be confined to cooking meat. Some customers have noticed this issue, and others have not. The key is to use the proper temperature when cooking your food, and never overcook meat.

My Review of the BergHOFF Earthchef Premium Copper Clad 10 Piece Cookware Set

BergHOFF Earthchef Premium Copper Clad 10


I spent quite a few hours one week looking at my different options online. There aren’t very many choices when it comes to “green” cookware, so I had to scrutinize the few sets that I was presented with before I made my choice. Finally, after careful….

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